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We are everywhere specialized infrastructure needs attention.

Sealing the reservoirs your drinking water comes from, fixing building structures, repairing the bridges you cross, constructing parking lots, crack sealing, repairing flat roofs, restoring concrete, and paving the roads and streets you use every day, it’s what Roaron does.

We have worked for every level of government and all municipalities, many property managers and strata owners, home and property owners. We solve problems the right way to ensure you get a quality long serving product.


Membrane systems for internal and external applications including wearing surfaces, crack repairs, leak stop, planters, green roofs, suspended slabs, bridges, balconies, etc.  Roaron offers liquid, sheet, and spray applied membrane systems such as peel and stick sheets, liquid hot rubberized asphalt, urethanes, epoxies, MMA modified, and hybrids such as epoxy urethanes and polyaspartics.

Limit and stop steel corrosion and concrete spalls.  Protect your investment and reduce future costs with Roaron Construction.


Experts in exterior expansion joint installations.  From cost effective urethane and asphalt plug joints to foam systems, to preformed strip seals and modular joints.


From the regular broom finished sidewalk panels to decorative driveways and thin lift applications.  Roaron Construction offers complete removal and replacement services as well as repairs.  Specializing in complex repairs, Roaron provides a full line of support for overhead patching, epoxy modified mortars, polymer modified cements, crack repair products and penetrating additives.

From common curbing repairs, warehouse floor repairs, suspended stage mortar, brick and concrete restoration, to structural parking garage post and beam repairs, Roaron Construction handles it all.

sealants SEALANTS

Sealants come hand in hand with concrete and asphalt services.  Roaron offers a full line of product installation from penetrating (invisible) to film forming (gloss) type sealers for concrete and asphalt emulsions, acrylics, and high end jet fuel resistant sealers for asphalt pavements.  Roaron Construction offers an honest, no cut corners, 100% plus manufacturer specified installations to ensure the longest life.


Potholes, speed bumps, crack repairs, patching, and complete removal and replacement.  The personnel at Roaron are local experts in asphalt pavement maintenance and can provide consultation on pavement management to property and operation managers.   Working on a budget?  We can help you maximize your expenditures.


Got water to move?  We install perforated drain lines, catch basins, lawn basins, parkade drains, storm sewer lines.  Blocked perimeter drain lines?  We can assist to find out why and repair it.  Roaron offers a full drain line repairs including excavation, backfill, plus landscaping and hard surface reinstatement.  No need to go through multiple contractors.

Roaron Construction is a full service firm capable of installing your water, storm, sewer, and hydro lines.  Repairing sewer blocks and watermain bursts as soon as possible.

office_building  BUILDING ENVELOPE

Siding remodels / repairs and installations including windows, doors, brick work tie ins, roof repairs, rain screens and flashings, control joint sealing, balcony deck repairs, ICBC vehicle damages are some of what Roaron Construction services.  Need to remove a wall?  Install a door into a precast tilt up warehouse wall? Call to find out more.


Looking for something more decorative?  Roaron can provide decorative retaining walls, install stairs, regrade areas, install soil, turf, associated drainage and planters.  Have an idea?  Show us and let Roaron make it come to life.