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Complete waterproofing services.  Installation and replacements on new and old structures.

Roaron Construction completes many types of waterproofing.  Some waterproofing services we provide are for suspended slabs for buildings with hard and soft surfaces including "green" suspended slabs and roofs.  

We install hot applied liquid rubberized asphalt, peel and stick membranes, cold applied product, sprayed asphalt (bitumen), rubber sheet membranes, urethanes, polyurethanes, epoxies, hybrid polyurethanes, and poly aspartics.

We handle numerous types of products. Common brands we handle are Deery, Bakor, Henry, Innovative, BASF, Mapei, Kelmar, Sika, Kryton, 

Common industry specific products include Bakor 790-11, Stop-A-Drop, Masterseal, Masterseal Traffic, Aqua-bloc, Krystol, Mapelastic, E-Pro, Protectowrap M400.

Roaron Construction is an experienced waterproofing company that has installed membranes since 1990.  We developed the first BC produced peel and stick membranes for bridges and the first BC produced rubberized liquid asphalt membranes manufactured in the Lower Mainland. 

Our staff has excellent knowledge and experience in not only the membranes but the bonding surface and repair of the bond surface. This ensures proper preparation for the membrane system.

Following the application, we have ample experience with preventative maintenance and contractor trade guidance for working on membrane surfaces.

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Waterproofing is often the best way to protect your structural assets from water ingress, failures related to water and chemical intrusion, corrosion, cracking, and damage to water sensitive items. The products to use may be specific to the application, use and exposure. It is important to use a product suitable to protect an asset from water intrusion, they are not all the same.

It is very common for products to be waterproof but that does not mean they are suitable for waterproofing. Asphalt cement is waterproof, but unless it has a build thickness suitable to bridge cracks and is flexible, it will not be a true waterproofing system.  Damp Proofing is not waterproofing.  Coatings that are not flexible like acrylics and thin asphalt coatings will help stop water but they do not handle crack movement and will allow water ingress.

Call us to help evaluate and recommend your waterproofing requirements.



Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are often integral to waterproofing systems. Roaron has numerous expansion joint types available for installation.

Crack and Joint Sealing

Similar to waterproofing preparations, we complete cracksealing and joint sealing for both concrete and asphalt.

Concrete Repairs

Structural concrete repairs and replacement is important to any waterproofing work and structural maintenance.


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