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Seal your concrete, brick, block and other hard surfaces from damaging effects.  We offer protection from the environment and chemicals, and promote colour enhancing sealers.

There are two basic types of sealers, film forming and penetrating.  A film forming sealer is exposed and provides visual enhancements and easier cleaning.  Penetrating is generally invisible and makes no visual change to the surface, it however lasts significantly longer.

Sealers will on a regular basis provide easier cleaning, less moss and algae growth, reduced slip hazards, 
Structurally they provide protection to steel embedded in the concrete and reduce freeze thaw effects.  In some cases they can also harden a concrete surface and reduce vapour transmission.
The overall goal of sealers is visual enhancement, life extension, and minimized cleaning.

Most light film forming sealers such as a gloss sealer will provide a life of 2 to 5 years. Heavier film forming (light coatings) often last 3 - 10 years. Penetrating sealers provide 7 to 25 years life.  

Linseed Oil Concrete Sealing


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Concrete, bricks, and blocks will be one of the most expensive to replace assets.  Sealers are often the cheapest and easiest ways to care for the asset.  

Roaron Construction can develop, supply and install various sealers to suit the need of the client.  Most customers like to preserve the look or want to enhance the look.  

Film forming gloss sealers are often the best to provide this. Common uses of film forming sealers would be exposed aggregate concrete, coloured concrete, stamped concrete, and sometimes rock. These sealers are generally acrylic ("wet look", or gloss type), or epoxy.

Penetrating sealers provide little visual benefit but provide the best life and lowest coating maintenance.  Penetrating sealers are excellent for smooth and broom finished concrete, bricks, blocks, or anything structurally that is exposed to a damaging environment. These sealers are normally silane, siloxane, and fluoropolymer. Roaron also installs boiled linseed oil concrete sealers for bridgedecks.

Hardening sealers penetrate into the surface and fill fine voids in the concrete to densify and harden. These help limit contaminate intrusion and increase water resistance to reduce flaking. They can however increase chipping susceptability and provide no stain or acid resistance.



Concrete Repairs

In addition to sealing and protection we also complete removal and replacements.
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Crack and Joint Sealing

Needing small crack or expansion joint sealing?  We handle various types of crack sealing and expansion joint installations.  


Need a seal on asphalt or concrete but not something that is driven directly on?   We have solutions to many problems.


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